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Baby boomers Louise Schulman and Bill Zito both grew up on Long Island - Bill in Franklin Square and Louise in Levittown. They both started their professional performing careers in New York City during the 1970s. It was an exciting time to be a young artist in New York with lots of chamber groups and concert series springing up. Bill and Louise knew of each other through mutual colleagues and their paths crossed at times in various settings.

Several years later they started to work together regularly as members of the Long Island Baroque Ensemble. Schulman and Zito had an instant rapport, freely sharing musical ideas and always tremendously enjoying working together.  It was obvious that they had a unique musical chemistry. Bill and Louise often soloed together in Vivaldi’s Concerto for Viola d’ Amore and Lute in D Minor. In 1996 they joined the newly formed Strathmere Ensemble and had even more opportunities to perform together. As the chemistry became more evident the next step was to form a duo.

Since 2001 they have been performing regularly as a duo, in repertoire ranging from medieval through contemporary. The Giuliani Duos are a staple of Schulman and Zito’s repertory.

Composer Richard Brooks has composed and dedicated Miniatures for Viola and Guitar [2003] to Schulman and Zito, as well as solo works for both of them.

This Giuliani CD marks Schulman and Zito’s recording debut as a duo.

Louise Schulman, Bill Zito
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An Italian in Vienna: Duos by Mauro Giuliani
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