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Aldo Gavilan

At a really very early age it was obvious that Aldo Gavilán was a prodigy, a wunderkind, some called him “the Caribbean Mozart”. That’s because Aldo started composing when he was barely five years old. At six he began performing in public and thereafter started earning and collecting awards.

Having demonstrated a fabulous level of musical talent and Olympian technical ability at such a tender age, Aldo continued surprising and dazzling every audience. At twelve he played Mozart’s 13th piano concerto with the Symphony Orchestra of Matanzas. At seventeen he stunned the world with his performance of Prokofiev’s 3rd with the National Symphony Orchestra of Cuba.

As his youthful career blossomed, Aldo garnered many laurels and accolades, including prizes in numerous national and international competitions, like Amadeo Roldán (Cuba, from 1988 to 1994), Cittá di Senigalia (Italy, 1995), Teresa Careño (Venezuela, 1998), and Spanish composers (2001).

Aldo was fortunate to have inspiring, empathetic teachers. He followed up being initially tutored by his mother, with lessons from Hortensia Uppman and Danae Ulacia; in 1999 Aldo entered London’s Trinity College, where he further developed his musical inner self and honed his keyboard magic with Anthony Green and Philip Fowke.

Masterful musicianship describes Aldo’s family. His maternal grandfather, Juan Jorge Junco - a gifted clarinetist; his mother, Teresita Junco – a noted pianist and educator; his father, Guido López Gavilán – a recognized composer and conductor; and his brother Ilmar - a prominent violinist. Music runs in Aldo’s family’s DNA. Such genetic confluences are rare: The Bachs centuries ago and the Marsalis family today are two among very few examples. 

Aldo played to sold-out audiences in prestigious concert halls, such as Roldán (Cuba), Careño (Venezuela), Blas Galindo (Mexico), Jordan Hall (USA), Royal Festival Hall (England), Nybrokajen 11 (Sweden), the Hall of Music (Russia), and Duc de Lombard et Petit Journal Montparnasse (France), and performed in Canada, Santo Domingo, Colombia, Spain, Greece, Hong Kong, Burkina Fasso, Germany, and Austria. The list of concert venues and global plaudits continues to grow.

During the 2006-2007 season, Aldo was invited by the conductor Claudio Abbado to be the soloist with the Simon Bolivar Symphonic Youth Orchestra of Venezuela in special concerts in Caracas and Havana. With Abbado conducting, Aldo’s interpretation of Grieg’s piano concerto is a phenomenal achievement, ranking above legions of pianists, reaching perfection along that of Dinu Lipatti.

In addition to being an outstanding pianist, Aldo is also an extraordinary composer. His innovative, peerless recordings include “Sunset of the Ant and the Elephant”, which won the 2000 Cubadisco Grand Prize, “Talking to the Universe” (2004) and “Pictures at an Exhibition” (2006). His most recent discographic productions are “Concert for Eight Hands”, which he recorded together with his mother, and “Soundbites”.

Aldo Gavilan
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